Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shikasuki in Primrose Hill

I am very sad to say that Shikasuki has closed it's doors in Primrose Hill. This was a very sudden decision and we apologise to anyone for whom this has been a surprise.

My father John and I created Shikasuki 8 years ago. I designed the store and hunted out all that amazing vintage treasure from all over the world and John has run the shop. We have loved every minute, but now John has decided it is time to retire, sit back and enjoy a slower pace of life, whilst I am getting busier..... I have had a beautiful baby girl, left Primrose Hill and moved to the country!

We were truly thrilled that you voted Shikasuki as London's "Best Designer Vintage Boutique" for 2 years in a row, as well as "Best Vintage Womenswear Boutique" this year, in the Vintage London Awards. A heartfelt "Thank you" to all of you who voted and to all our wonderful loyal customers over the years. You have all become friends and we will miss you all!

So, I am currently taking a little time out to "be mum"......but watch this space!

Please follow Shikasuki on Facebook and @shikasukilondon on Twitter for news....

With lots of love to you all, Rachel

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

London Fashion Weekend Autumn 2012

London Fashion Weekend is on its way again and Shikasuki is as thrilled as ever to be involved, this time with our beautiful vintage treasures appearing in the LFWE promotional magazine The Edit and on the LFWE website.

Styled by the inimitable Miss Molly, with her trademark "paper bag full" (usually Miss Molly herself jumping out!), on a 60s London theme; it all looks rather wonderful!

LFWE homepage: vintage necklaces, belts, bracelets and beaded bag from Miss Molly herself!

LFWE homepage: vintage "gold" bag from Shikasuki

A close up of Miss Molly's lovely "bag full"!

Miss Molly: "As always Rachel Ducker at Shikasuki knows her stuff and I sourced this beautiful little bag amongst her collection to add a vintage twist to our theme. This piece (front right in the paper bag) is embroidered and beaded from the 1950's, just before our Sixties trend, but this proves you can mix all your decades to create your look."

LFWE designer catwalk page: vintage yellow beaded dress, vintage nude lace dress and vintage satin bag all from Shikasuki on the LFWE catwalk at Somerset House

LFWE gallery page: vintage bracelet from Shikasuki

LFWE The Edit magazine: vintage "gold" bag from Shikasuki

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Vintage Guide to London Awards 2012

We are absolutely thrilled...chuffed to bits...tickled pink even, to announce that we have won the "Best Designer Vintage" category in The Vintage Guide To London's Awards for the second year running!

As if that isn't exciting enough, we have also won the "Best Womenswear" category as well!

A big thank you to Lena and all the team at The Vintage Guide to London and a massive thank you to everyone who chose to vote for Shikasuki...every one of you...from all of the Shikasuki 2011-12 team, Rachel, John and Elle.

See all the other winners and runners up on the Vintage Guide to London.

Monday, 26 March 2012

London Fashion Weekend 2012

So here are the pictures of Shikasuki Vintage on the London Fashion Weekend 2012 catwalk. The theme of the show was "Prim Rose"....very appropriate for Primrose Hill's Shikasuki! Hosted by Zoe Hardman and perfectly styled, as ever, by the amazing Miss Molly.

Shikasuki Vintage bag and waistcoat (photo © Paul Demuth)

Shikasuki Vintage beaded tulle dress (photo © Paul Demuth)

Shikasuki Vintage duster coat and bag (photo © Paul Demuth)

Shikasuki Vintage beaded cardigan and bag (photo © Paul Demuth)

Shikasuki Vintage beaded dress and bag (photo © Paul Demuth)

Shikasuki Vintage tulle and lace dress (photo © Paul Demuth)

Photographer Spencer Sunar, (who was responsible for our stunning pictures from London Fashion Weekend 2010), also took some beautiful backstage pictures this year. 

(photo © Spencer Sunar)

(photo © Spencer Sunar)

(photo © Spencer Sunar)

(photo © Spencer Sunar)

(photo © Spencer Sunar)

(photo © Spencer Sunar)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

London Fashion Weekend

It's that time of year...London Fashion Weekend is nearly upon us again...which reminded me that I haven't yet shared the pictures of the Shikasuki pieces seen on the runway last year. Hosted by the wonderful Zara Martin and styled by top stylist Miss they are. Enjoy!

Lady Brights - vintage pink bag from Shikasuki

Lady Brights - vintage colour block bag from Shikasuki

Lady Brights - vintage colour block bag from Shikasuki

Lady Brights - vintage green bag from Shikasuki
Lady Brights - vintage pink jacket from Shikasuki
Swan Vesta - vintage Ossie Clark dress from Shikasuki

Saturday, 3 December 2011

My apologies to everyone who has been waiting for Christmas…

It seems our original vintage christmas decorations have become quite famous over the last few years. With thanks to the "Antique of the Month" feature in BBC Homes and Antiques magazine, on the wonderful Wee Birdy and from the lovely ladies at Liberty London Girl, Happyland and Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings. The phone has been ringing off the hook with requests over the last few weeks, from those wanting vintage, cosy, home christmases to designer stores wanting to add that final precious sparkle to ther store displays.

I started sourcing these treasures about 6 years ago. They gave me that wonderful warm, nostalgic, festive feeling…I could almost smell the pine needles and mulled wine. Modern decorations can be very sleek, chic and beautiful…..but they just don’t do that.

I started with seasonal treasure from America…….1940s and 50s glitter dusted glass baubles with Santa sleighs and jolly fat snowmen. You just knew they had listened to Bing and Frank…watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ every year and then been carefully packed away for next….lammetta still clinging on. And for the top of the tree? A Holt Howard choir angel with pink or white feathers and a beautiful porcelain head…all 1940s Marcel waved hair and red lipstick.

The more I got immersed in the world of vintage christmas, the wider I spread my search. As wide as the former USSR; Russia and the Ukraine… here I found treasure! Think of those bleak cold Cold War winters……now these are the last things you’d imagine in them. So much colour, glitter and so much humour! From the sugar coloured, glitter dipped, glass pine cones telling stories of frozen forests from ancient fairy tales, to the characters inhabiting them; the Babushkas, Russian bears, long bearded St Nicolas and frogs forever waiting for their princesses. Now who wouldn’t want all that glittery mystery and fairy tale fantasy from far off lands twinkling away on their christmas tree??

So, again my apologies to everyone has has been waiting for the twinkle to arrive in NW1. Delays have been due to my own little twinkle, who arrived a few months ago and she has been taking up a lot of my time…… : )

1940s to 1960s Christmas Decoration Charactors from Russia and Ukraine

1940s to 1960s Christmas Decoration Glass Pinecones from Russia and Ukraine

1950s Christmas Decoration Holt Howard Angels from USA

Christmas Decoration Display during December 2011 at our Primrose Hill Boutique

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ossie Clark

One of the earliest videos of Ossie Clark featuring Alice Pollock too- how cool were they?
1966 when they were only just starting out and seen as the next big thing for London Fashion. You also get to see a little bit of the interior of legendary shop Quorum in this video.
We want Ossie's glasses.